Regularly Blockchain Project and ICO’s distribute their Own Coins to widespread more about their Project to get potential Investors.

This is done via many social media platform to attract more users , you will just need to do the tasks given by Projects and in rewards you get their Coins , coins will be deposited in your wallet after specific date, which you can eventually sell at exchanges after specific period of time (Depends on Airdrop as some have lockup period)

Things you will need for Airdrops :-

A Blockchain Wallet , As Various Platform Airdrops are like ERC20 for Ethereum based Coins , Waves token for waves blockchain etc (Note – You cannot use Exchanges Address as these coins are not listed yet)

There are Many other Blockchain Based Wallets available but will list only preferred ones

For ERC20 tokens  :-

For Waves tokens :-

For XLM tokens :-

For NEO Tokens :-

Once you Create Wallets , Please Keep Private Key / Memoric phrase somewhere safe and never give it to anyone not even to Airdrops requesting it

To get latest Airdrops follow different sources like , and our own

Each Airdrops has their own task , most basic Task you will find is to follow their Social media channels and you get their tokens as reward.

After you complete all the necessary task , you will need to wait to receive tokens in your wallet , for ICO’s its normally when their ICO ends and after 2-3 weeks you will receive your tokens

If you are following any ICO you may have known till now that it takes specific amount of time to list on any exchanges so till then review the project , if its good HODL it or Sell it on any listed Exchange to get Money

[Basic Info has been updated]