Cryptocurrency Price Tracker is a Chrome Extension which provides valuable data of the leading cryptos such as the price in US Dollar and percentage change in 1hour. This extension will be handy for those who are into cryptocurrency trading. Real-time data updates will certainly help traders to a certain level.

Extension Interface

This is how the Chrome Extension looks like: –



Extension Structure

The extension is built using:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Materialize CSS

API used: CoinMarketCap Public API

File Contents:

  1. popup.html: It is the main view file for the chrome extension. The extension’s structure is constructed in it.
  2. custom.css: All the designs, animations, and custom styling are included in this file.
  3. popup.js: The algorithmic approach and API calls are included in this file.
  4. manifest.json: The details of the extension such as version number, icon, description are included in this file.
  5. Other files are Materialize framework’s CSS and JS contents.

How to install this extension?

  1. Download the extension file from the Github repository.
  2. After the file is downloaded and extracted, you’ll see a folder named btc-chrome-extension.
  3. Launch Chrome Browser, type chrome://extensions in the address bar and turn on Developer Mode (if it is not turned on).Developer-Mode
  4. Once it’s turned on, there will be an option for load unpacked, after click on it there will be a popup prompting you to choose your project folder. Locate to the directory where you’ve extracted the project. Here, named as btc-chrome-extension.

  5. If you’ve uploaded the correct folder, you’ll see that the extension is added.


That’s it, the chrome extension will be added to the address bar and you’ll see a corresponding icon for it.